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About Our App

This app is packed with techniques to help and guide you in practicing and training you to acquire the speed reading skills by practicing perfectly.

How The App Works?

Perfect practice speed reading techniques

Practice does not make perfect, but perfect practice makes permanent. Readia is designed to help you with these practice techniques at the core, so you can learn and practice the speed reading skills that are giving fast readers the edge.

Goal-oriented approach

Built and designed throughout the speed reading learning process of a speed reading student, Readia was built and designed for simplicity and ingenuity in the learning process of acquiring a new skill, in a goal-oriented fashion and is thus great for someone new to speed reading who really has a desire to acquire the skill.

Simplicity and Ingenuity in the learning process

What makes Readia great is in the design, that makes it simple to progress through your practice session at your pace, while making it easy to change your content and practice patterns and still maintain focus on the objective.


It's packed with 10 patterns, all incorporated within 12 sessions with step by step guidelines. Each session has between 8 and 20 steps to go through that are easy and quick to follow at any time, with flexibility built into each step to pace through at your own comfort.

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All for the price of your favourite starbucks drink. Download only if you are committed to increasing your reading speed.

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